Visegrád Group Society for Developmental Biology
Supporting excellence in Developmental Biology throughout Czech Republic, Hungary Poland and Slovakia
Membership benefits include discounted registration fees for all V4SDB meetings & events, automatic registration to the International Society of Developmental Biology (ISDB) with all associated benefits

What is the Visegrád Group Society for Developmental Biology (V4SDB)?

Societies for Developmental Biology are non-profit scientific associations, which are active in many non-European and Western European countries, plus pan-international. Such societies exist to promote functional integration of researchers working in the field of Developmental Biology (i.e. the study of process by which animals & plants grow and develop); thus, promoting exchange of highly relevant knowledge and experimental methodology, establishment of cooperation in active research, opportunities for establishing important professional networks (especially relevant to junior researcher career development) and wider education and the publicising of a most fundamental branch of biological research (i.e. one closely related to preclinical research which maintains the potential to significantly and positively impact human and commercially important organisms). Until 2018 and despite these advantages, no such societies existed in any of the four Visegrád Group countries (CZ, PL, HU, SK). Therefore, the “V4SDB” was established to provide the missing forum to foster more efficient and integrated research in Developmental Biology across Central Europe, according to established societal precedents found elsewhere in world.

Specifically, the V4SDB is responsible for organising and hosting a flagship annual/ biannual meeting to draw together a wide spectrum of Developmental Biology researchers from across the Visegrád Group countries, and potentially beyond, to assimilate the most recent and fundamental insights into the cellular/molecular mechanisms of development, stem cell biology and the newly emerging knowledge connecting development and disease. V4SDB also plans to support future smaller scale and specialised symposia (with the help of its membership). Moreover, the society aims to provide direct support to its membership in the form of travel bursaries and to act as a forum for jobs/ recruitment and the advocacy of Developmental Biology Research across the Visegrád region.

What are the annual membership fees?

Principle investigators & post-doctoral researchers: 10 EUR
Students and technician: 5 EUR

How do I apply to join the V4SDB?

Please download and fill out the application form provided here

Send a scanned and legible copy of the completed form by email, and once your application has been approved your will be sent a confirmatory email and membership number and can proceed to payment (see below).

How do I pay? 

Payment can be made by direct credit transfer to the V4SDB account using the following details:

Society account name:                     V4SDB, z. s.
Bank name:                                      Fio banka, a.s.
Account No.:                                     2401574733/2010
IBAN code:                                       CZ8920100000002401574733
SWIFT/IBIC code:                            FIOBCZPPXXX
IČO (regsitration number):               07544952

V4SDB address: Libechov, Rumburska 89, PSC 277 21 (Czech Republic)

Alternatively, payment can be made using ‘PayPal’ or credit card here (TBA)

Please do not forget to indicate as a variable symbol your membership number that you will have obtained when your application to join the V4SDB was approved (see above - note, we only need the numerals, e.g. 0001); otherwise your payment will not be identifiable. If you have forgotten or lost your membership number, please email Alexander Bruce (

If you or your institute requires and invoice/ receipt for your membership payment, please contact Marcela Buchtova (

Important note: by applying to become a member of the V4SDB you consent to the V4SDB holding a record of your personal information and acknowledge the V4SDB will only use this information in regard to its official bussiness and that it will not share this information with any other third parties, with the exception of the ISBD (relating to automatic registration to the ISDB as a consequence of one becomming a meber of the V4SDB - see above).

If you have forgotten or lost your membership number, please email Alexander Bruce (